Rubber Fabric Pipes RTG

Rubber fabric pipes RTG are used in underground cavities in mines for transferring  compressed air, contaminated water, water mixtures including backfill mixtures which contain sand or any other small pieces.

The outside layer, responsible for pipes’ durability, is made of textile liners submerged with flame resistant and antistatic rubber.

There is an abrasion resistant layer inside the pipes. It protects the pipes from wearing resulting from the action of mineral particles present in the water mixtures.

Pipes can be used in the building of:

  • pipeline hydraulic filling – delivery of materials to the operating front
  • drainage pipelines– removing the inflowing water from underground cavities
  • fire protection pipelines – providing immediate access to water in the whole network of underground cavities in case of fire
  • compressed air pipelines

Due to the use of loose flanges, the same ones as in steel pipes, the pipes are compatible with typical steel pipelines. Thanks to their flexibility and lightness pipes are very mobile  products for an easy, fast and comfortable transport and assembly.

There are five types of pipes with the following operating pressures:

  • RTG100 – operating pressure 3,3MPa
  • RTG100 – operating pressure 4,0MPa
  • RTG150 – operating pressure 4,0MPa
  • RTG185 – operating pressure 3,0MPa
  • RTG185 – operating pressure 4,0MPa

The pipes have the authorization to be used in underground cavities.

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